Our current work

The main NICC activities include –

All IP Task Group

All IP
NICC is developing new and updating existing standards to support the new All IP network and access environment, including end to end SIP sessions.

NICC is reviewing ND1431 (Guidance on CPE Compatibility on NGNs and NGAs) and ND1704 (End to End Network Performance Rules and Objectives for the Interconnect of NGNs) with the aim of writing equivalent standards for the new All IP service.

As a consequence of changes in the physical characteristics of All IP calls routed over Voice over BroadBand solutions (e.g. different levels of Packet Loss. Jitter & Delay) as compared to those of the PSTN, there has furthermore been ALL IP TG associated Regulatory and Industry (BSIA) engagement, e.g. as a prelude to scheduled related testing.

This activity is likely to impact on all services and networks.

Blockchain Task Group

Run by Ofcom, looking at the Proof of Concept of using Distributed Ledger Technology for Number Portability in the UK. The work is at an early stage but it is anticipated that a number of new standards will be developed and many older standards will be impacted and possibly some made obsolete.

SIP Task Group

SIP NNI Protocol
NICC is considering whether there is a requirement to update ND1035 [SIP Network to Network Interface Signalling] to introduce a UK Specific Last Diverting Line Identity parameter (as currently exists in IUP and UK ISUP).

SIP NNI Interworking Specification – SIP to UK ISUP
NICC is addressing the UK requirement to specify interworking between the SIP and current UK protocols; including interworking between UK ISUP, BICC.  The first interface to be specified will be SIP to UK ISUP. Interworking to IUP is expected to be via concatenation (i.e. SIP – UK ISUP – IUP)

SIP Implementation Guidance Document
Initially to include help and guidance on the use of SIP error codes but is likely to include information on SIP Overload Control and other areas – particularly as prioritised by the All IP WG.

Emergency Location Task Group

NICC has influenced the development of the ETSI M493 architecture to locate nomadic VoIP emergency calls and is now progressing a report that will demonstrate the impact this architecture will have on UK CPs and Internet Service Providers.

Emergency Call Architecture
NICC is producing a document that shows the way in which emergency calls need to supported in SIP networks, specifically around how location information will be carried in SIP networks and resilience provided.

Both the above work areas will significantly impact on the way emergency calls are dealt with and managed by CPs and ISPs in the UK.

DSL Task Group

The TG is curetnly in abeyance

Nuisance Call and CLI Task Group

NICC is reviewing the way STIR works in the US and developing a report on implementation of STIR in the UK.

Security Task Group

Review of ND1643
Ofcom proposed a review of ND1643 – Minimum Security Requirements for Interconnecting Communication Providers.   This review has resulted in a number of issues that are currently being resolved in the Task group.

All IP Best Practice Guide
A Security Best Practice Guide is being developed in support of the All IP work stream.

SIP Overload Control Task Group

SIP Overload Control for Network to Network Interface
NICC is developing a standard that will protect SIP network nodes over NNI in the event of overload conditions in UK networks.   The standard is defined by ND1653 and based upon RFC 7415.

For more information contact the secretary on  nick.ireland@niccstandards.org.uk