Open Forum 2015

The 2015 NICC Open Forum was held on 11 November at One Great George Street, Westminster, London

The approved presentations from the 2015 Open Forum can be found here –

NICC Review

Paul Rosbotham (588kb)

The IoT: Why is the promise taking so long to fulfil?

William Webb (4,625kb)

SIP Overload Control

Phil Williams (591kb)

Impact of SIP on Network Integrity

Adrian Moss (2,358kb)

NICC Work Programme – SIP NNI and Enterprise

Perry Wilks (588kb)

NICC Work Programme – Security

Steve Covey (588kb)

Access Evolution

Derk Noske (1,278kb)

Challenges for Voice Transformation

Richard Tyas (777kb)

eCall – ‘Coming To Get You’

Neal Skelton (1,735kb)

NICC Work Programme – Emergency Location

John Medland (680kb)

NICC Work Programme – DSL

Kevin Foster (1,550kb)

Gigabit DSL technology

Kevin Foster (2,006kb)