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By taking up membership of NICC Standards Limited your company can:

  • Shape and steer the direction of the NICC work to support your company’s requirements and the needs of the UK communications sector;
  • Scope and help formulate the interconnect and interoperability standards required for the UK; membership of NICC will allow your company to influence the content of NICC standards and provide you with early visibility;
  • Have visibility of activities in other bodies of which you may not be a member; and
  • Allow your experts to interact and develop with the top technical talent in industry by actively participating in working groups in an environment of creative synergy and learning opportunities.
“NICC has been the technical authority for interoperability standards since 1990. NICC standards have underpinned the development of competition in telephony and broadband services and also enable a range of essential ancillary facilities such as calling line identity (CLI) and emergency call identification/location in support of regulatory obligations. NICC continues to play a central role in the UK telecoms market. Recent standards are facilitating the migration of telephony services to IP networks, improving overload control to prevent network outages and providing best practice guidance for network security.”
Huw Saunders, Director of Network Infrastructure and Resilience
“NICC offers the forum for the electronic communications industry in the UK to come together and make interoperability workable. It's the best place to make communications standards work for everybody”
Simon Hicks, Head of Technical Standards, DCMS
“NICC is the key industry organization for any company who wants to understand the interworking of the UK communications networks, and has particular importance in understanding the challenges of transitioning to an All-IP future.”
Ruth Wilson
DSP Group
“Network interoperability is essential to the competitive mobile communications market. NICC provides the UK forum to develop technical standards, and to share best practice for network operation.”
Hamish MacLeod
Director Mobile UK
“Microsoft is proud to be an active member of NICC. NICC membership allows us to influence, review and track new and updated UK standards and to plan for inclusion on our product roadmaps where applicable. We also value the open discussions and networking opportunities between the many participants that represent the UK telecoms market.”
Paul Theobald
“Joining the NICC has been very useful for TNS in understanding how the migration to ‘all IP’ and the associated, changes to interconnects and core network affects OTT services. It has enabled us to strengthen our diverse relationships across the industry which have proved invaluable, specifically where traffic profiles have changed recently. Understanding call routing and how the networks interact with each other has also been vital to ensuring payment transactions have and continue to remain stable”
Ciaran Jones, Vice President of EMEA Operations
Transaction Network Services
“Comms Council UK really value the opportunity to engage and participate in the workings of the NICC. It particularly helps our smaller members keep up to date on initiatives as well as the option to contribute to the various technical issues being tackled (such as numbering or CLI matters). This in turn helps the NICC gain a broader perspective and build the right guidance for the industry.”
David Cargill
Comms Council UK Operations Working Group

Membership categories and fees

Membership of NICC Standards Ltd falls into two categories – Full and Associate. The details of fees, rights and entitlements for the two membership categories are given below.

Full Member

You will be entitled to:

  • attend and participate in working group meetings;
  • access all working documents of the working groups;
  • nominate representatives for election to the NICC Board;
  • vote in elections for NICC Board Members;
  • vote in the formal approval of NICC documents.
+ VAT / year

Associate Member

You will be entitled to:

  • attend and participate in working group meetings; and
  • access all working documents of the working groups.
+ VAT / year

Academic Institution Member

You will be entitled to:

  • attend and participate in working group meetings; and
  • access all working documents of the working groups.
An academic institution active in telecommunications may be considered for admission as a member in this category. Admission is at the discretion of the Board. There must be demonstrable mutual benefits to the member and to NICC, as judged by the Board, in which case no fee will be levied.

Become a Member

All general enquiries and membership applications should be emailed to or call us on 0800 319 6050 or +44 (0) 20 7036 3636

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