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Public Network Signalling Specifications

ND Number Version Title
ND1001 Issue 1 NICC Document ND1001:1999/06 ND1001:1999/06 PNO-ISC/SPEC/001 Use of SS7 pointcodes for network interconnect in the UK Download
ND1003 Issue 2 C7 Interconnect Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP) Download
ND1004 Issue 1 C7 Interconnect Transaction Capabilities (TC) Download
ND1005 Issue 3 C7 Interconnect Message Transfer Part (MTP) Download
ND1006 Issue 4.2 Interconnect User Part (IUP) Download
ND1007 Issue 3.3 ISDN User Part (ISUP) Download
ND1008 Issue 2.2 C7 IUP - ISUP Interworking Download
ND1009 Issue 2 Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Download
ND1011 Issue 1 ATM Transport For Interconnect Download
ND1012 Issue 2 Interconnect Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and Adaptation Layers Download
ND1013 Issue 1 Emergency Location Information Interface Download
ND1016 V5.1.1 Requirements on Communications Providers in relation to Customer Line Identification display services and other related services Download
ND1017 Issue 1 Interworking between Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and UK ISDN User Part (UK ISUP) Download
ND1018 V1.1.2 NGN Interconnect: Interconnect Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Download
ND1019 V1.1.1 IP Multimedia Call Control based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP) for UK Interconnect Download
ND1021 V1.4.1 Voice Line Control for UK Interconnect using TISPAN IMS-based PSTN/ISDN Emulation Download
ND1026 V1.2.1 NGN; MTP3 over IP Interconnect between PLMNs using M2PA Protocol Download
ND1027 V1.1.1 UK BICC for use between PLMNs Download
ND1028 V1.1.1 UK Interconnect use of SCTP Download
ND1029 V1.1.1 UK Interconnect Use of M3UA Download
ND1030 V1.1.1 Ethernet ALA Service Definition Download
ND1031 V1.3.1 Active Line Access: ALA UNI SPECIFICATION Download
ND1033 V1.3.2 NGA Telephony SIP User Profile Download
ND1034 V2.2.1 UK SIPconnect Endorsement Download
ND1035 V3.1.1 SIP Network to Network Interface Signalling Download
ND1036 V1.1.1 Active Line Access: ALA NNI Specification Download
ND1037 V1.1.1 SIP - ISUP NNI Interworking Download
ND1038 V1.1.3 Internet Draft Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Non-eXempt Rate Control Download
ND1038 Internet Draft ND1038 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Non-eXempt Rate Control Download