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The information contained in the NICC Standards published on this site were accurate at the time of publication. However, there are some details in older NICC Standards that are now out of date, for example –
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• Addresses, including those for Ofcom and The IET.

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Service Descriptions

ND Number Version Title
ND1201 Issue 1 Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber (CCBS) Supplementary Service Download
ND1202 Issue 1 Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) Download
ND1203 V1.2.1 Geographic Number Portability Download
ND1204 Issue 1 Call Forwarding on Subscriber Not Reachable Supplementary Service Download
ND1206 Issue 2 High Level Service Description For Targeted Transit Download
ND1207 V1.2.1 Non-Geographic Number Portability Download
ND1208 V2.1.1 Mobile Number Portability Download
ND1209 Issue 1 Operator Services Download
ND1210 Issue 1 Public Network Features To Support A Messaging Service Download
ND1212 Issue 1 Textphone Messaging Service Description Download
ND1214 V1.1.1 ND1214 V1.1.1 UK Requirements for a Common Database Download