ND Number Version Title
ND1505 Issue 1 Feasibility Report & Recommendations on the Technical Options for High Availability Partial Private Circuit Download
ND1506 Issue 1 Report on the Mutual Compatibility of Transmission Systems used in in Public Access and Private Networks Download
ND1507 V2.0.0 NICC B2B Interface Framework Document Download
ND1508 V2.0.0 Trouble To Resolve (T2R) white paper proposal Download
ND1509 V1.0.0 B2B Trouble-To-Resolve (T2R) International Gap Analysis Download
ND1510 V1.0.0 Lead-To-Cash (L2C) White Paper Proposal Download
ND1513 2010-01 Report on Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) Methods in the UK Access Network Download
ND1516 1.1.1 Vectoring – use cases and impact assessment Download
ND1517 1.1.1 Report on the Technical Feasibility of Deployment Options for VDSL from the Exchange Download
ND1518 1.1.1 Data Sharing for DSM Download
ND1519 1.1.1 Implications and Consequences of the UK implementing ETSI ES 203 178 Download
ND1520 1.1.1 Operation of below 17.7 Mhz in VDSL spectrum Download
ND1522 2.1.1 Report into implementation of Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) in the UK Download
ND1524 1.1.1 VoIP Call Routeing between UK Networks Download