Working to reduce and prevent scam calls reaching customers

The NICC Nuisance Call and CLI Task Group is the UK Technical Forum to discuss the reduction of scam calls in the UK.

This TG has already worked closely with Ofcom to publish Guidance on blocking of inbound international calls with UK Network Number as CLI

This Task Group is looking at the various aspects and the development of standards for the implementation of STIR in the UK and has already published a Report into implementation of Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) in the UK, which describes the benefits and implementation issues of adopting STIR technology to digitally sign CLIs in UK networks. The document provides a background to how UK CLIs are populated, and describes how STIR would interact with this. It describes how the STIR functions could be implemented in the UK, sets out the benefits of doing so, and identifies the remaining limitations of this mechanism in eliminating scam calls.

The Task Group is currently developing a specification covering UK STIR Implementation: Service Description and Architecture.  This draft specification, which is not yet published, provides the service description and architecture for how an introductory implementation of STIR in UK communications networks would operate.

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