All general enquiries and membership applications should be emailed to or call us on 0800 319 6050 or +44 (0) 20 7036 3636

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By taking up membership of NICC Standards Limited your company can:

  • Shape and steer the direction of the NICC work to support your company’s requirements and the needs of the UK communications sector;
  • Scope and help formulate the interconnect and interoperability standards required for the UK; membership of NICC will allow your company to influence the content of NICC standards and provide you with early visibility;
  • Have visibility of activities in other bodies of which you may not be a member; and
  • Allow your experts to interact and develop with the top technical talent in industry by actively participating in working groups in an environment of creative synergy and learning opportunities.
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If you’ve got a question about any of the work NICC does, or about the interoperability standards for public communications networks in the UK, you can send it to the NICC Secretary.