NICC current work

NICC specifications are being developed for the following technical activities and interfaces:

  • Ensuring interoperability of IP networks and service, developing signalling protocol interfaces
  • Delivering emergency calls over the network
  • Stopping nuisance calls, managing CLI rules and implementation guidance
  • Providing customer and network protection guidance
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NICC Open Forum

2021 NICC Open Forum is scheduled for the 16th November 2021.

Further information on the 2021 NICC Open Forum will be available after July 2021.

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About NICC

NICC Standards Limited is a technical forum for the UK communications sector that develops interoperability standards for public communications networks and services in the UK. It is an independent organisation owned and run by its members.

It is now necessary to be a member to participate in NICC activities. Learn more about NICC membership.

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