LLU and NGN Specifications

ND Number Version Title
ND1601 Issue 4 Specification of the BT Metallic Path Facility Download
ND1602 V7.2.1 Specification of the Access Network Frequency Plan applicable to transmission systems connected to the BT Access Network Download
ND1603 Issue 2 Specification of the KCH Metallic Path Facility Download
ND1604 V3.1.1 Specification of the Access Network Frequency Plan (ANFP) applicable to transmission systems used on the KCH Access Network Download
ND1604 V3.1.1 ND1604V3.1.1 ANFP Mask Download
ND1606 1 Exchange Based Splitter Specification for Use with Local Loop Unbundling Line Sharing Service Download
ND1610 V4.1.1 Next Generation Networks; Release Definition Download
ND1611 V2.2.3 Multi-Service NGN Interconnect Common Transport Download
ND1612 V2.1.2 Generic IP Connectivity for PSTN/ISDN Services between Next Generation Networks Download
ND1613 V1.2.1 NGN Interconnect; Transport Layer Management Download
ND1614 V1.2.2 NGN Interconnect; PSTN/ISDN Service; General Connectivity Management Download
ND1615 1.1.1 NGN Interconnect; Voice Line Control Service; General Connectivity Management Download
ND1617 Issue 1 Automated Business to Business (B2B) Transactions: Architecture and Principles Download
ND1618 Issue 1 Profile for ebXML Messaging Service 2.0 Gateways Download
ND1620 V1.2.3 NGN; Voice Line Control; Interconnect Architecture Download
ND1621 V2.1.1 Provisional manual rate control procedures for overload control on Next Generation Network interconnection Download
ND1622 V2.0.0 NICC B2B Interface Requirements Document Download
ND1623 V1.0.0 B2B Trouble-To-Resolve (T2R) User Story Requirements Download
ND1624 V1.1.1 B2B Lead-to-Cash (L2C) User Story Requirements Download
ND1626 V1.1.1 NICC B2B Trouble-To-Resolve (T2R) Interface Standard Download
ND1627 V1.1.1 B2B Lead-to-Cash (L2C) Interface Standard Download
ND1628 V1.1.2 Securing Data Flows with IPSec for NGN Interconnects Download
ND1633 V1.1.2 Next Generation Networks; Element Naming Framework Download
ND1635 V1.1.1 NGN Interconnect: Media Path Technical Specification Download
ND1636 V1.2.2 NGN Interconnect: IP Address Allocation Download
ND1637 V1.1.1 B2B Trouble-To-Resolve (T2R) XML Standard Download
ND1638 V1.1.2 note ND1638V1.1.2 VOIP - Location for Emergency Calls (Architecture) Note Download
ND1639 V1.1.1 BICC/IP Connectivity for PLMN Services between NGNs Download
ND1640 V1.1.1 Architecture for SS7 Signalling Transport Service between PLMNs Download
ND1641 1.1.1 L2C XML Schema Download
ND1642 1.1.1 Requirements for Ethernet Interconnect and Ethernet ALA Download
ND1643 V5.1.1 Guidelines on the Minimum Security Controls for Interconnecting Communication Providers Download
ND1644 V1.1.1 Architecture for Ethernet Active Line Access (ALA) Download
ND1645 V1.1.2 NGA Telephony:Architecture and Requirements Download
ND1646 V1.2.1 NGA-Telephony; Management Download
ND1647 V1.2.2 SIP-NNI Basic Voice Architecture Download
ND1649 V1.1.1 Active Line Access:NICC B2B L2C ALA Interface Standard Download
ND1651 V1.1.3 Active Line Access: ALA B2B Lead-to-Cash (L2C) XML standard Download
ND1651 V1.1.1 Active Line Access: ALA B2B Lead-to-Cash (L2C) XML standard additional files Download
ND1652 V1.1.1 Active Line Access: B2B Lead-to-Cash (L2C) extensions for NGA-T Download
ND1653 V2.1.1 Overload Control for SIP in UK Networks Download