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The information contained in the NICC Standards published on this site were accurate at the time of publication. However, there are some details in older NICC Standards that are now out of date, for example –
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ND Number Version Title
ND1403 Issue 2 External Network Interference issues to Radio Users due to Radiated Emissions from Fixed Public Networks Download
ND1404 Issue 3 Inter-Network Interference issues between DSL Operators in the Same Access Network Download
ND1405 V5.2.1 Guidelines on the Use of DSL Transmission Systems in the BT Access Network Download
ND1406 Issue 1 Voluntary Code of Practice for Design of Private Telecommunications Networks(NCoP) Download
ND1407 Issue 1 Voluntary Code of Practice for Security of Access to Dial-through Functions in Communications Systems Download
ND1408 Issue 1 Voluntary Code of Practice on Call Answering and Charging arising from the attachment of Private Equipment and Systems to the PSTN Download
ND1410 v1.3.1 NGN Interconnect:PSTN Transport Operational Test Manual Download
ND1411 v1.3.1 NGN Interconnect: PSTN Signalling Operational Test Manual Download
ND1412 v1.4.1 NGN Interconnect:PSTN Services Operational Test Manual Download
ND1413 v1.2.4 NGN Interconnect: PSTN Validation Testing Manual Download
ND1414 v1.2.1 NGN Interconnect:PSTN Integration Testing Manual Download
ND1417 V1.1.1 Active Line Access: Management and Provisioning Architecture Download
ND1422 V1.0.0 NICC B2B BEST PRACTICE Download
ND1423 Issue 1 Guidelines for Usage of Enbloc/Overlap Signalling in UK Networks Download
ND1424 V1.1.1 Guidelines on DSL power saving modes and non-stationary noise in metallic access networks Download
ND1427 V1.0.0 B2B Location & Address Identification Principles Download
ND1428 V1.1.3 NGN; PSTN/ISDN Service Interconnect; Guidance to CPs on PSTN Destination Group usage Download
ND1429 1.1.1 ND1429_B2B_Documentation_Tools_V1.1.1 Download
ND1430 1.1.1 B2B Designers and Developers Guide Download
ND1431 2.1.1 Guidance on CPE Compatibility for All-IP Telephony Networks Download
ND1432 1.1.1 SIP-PBX Configurations to Support Emergency Service Download
ND1433 1.1.1 UK-ISUP ACC Guidelines Download
ND1436 1.3.1 “Wires-only” VDSL2 Modem Test Plan Download
ND1437 2.1.1 Guidelines for the Tracing of Calls Across and Between Networks Download
ND1437 2.1.1 Guidelines for the Tracing of Calls Across and Between Networks Download
ND1438 1.1.1 Voluntary Code of Practice Mitigating Theft of Service from End User Voice over IP Communications Systems Download
ND1439 4.2.1 Guidance for Implementing ND1016 in SIP networks Download
ND1440 1.1.1 Guidance for the use and secure implementation of SIP Application Layer Gateways (ALG) Download
ND1442 1.1.1 SIP Implementers Guide Download
ND1443 2.1.1 Guidelines for the Security of All-IP Telephony (All-IPT) Service in the UK Telecommunications Network Download
ND1444 1.1.1 DTMF Best Practice Guide (BPG) Download
ND1445 4.1.1 All IP Telephony Industry guidance and Lessons Learnt Download
ND1446 1.1.1 ND1446 General Security for Public Electronic Communication Network Service Providers Download
ND1447 1.1.1 Guidance on blocking of inbound international calls with UK Network Number as CLI Download
ND1448 1.1.1 Guidance to Providers on interpretation of the terms PECN and PECS in relation to the Telecommunications (Security) Act 2021 Download